For money smart kids & teens

Pencilton lets kids & teens manage their pocket money while teaching them real-life money skills.


Peace of Mind for Parents

Category-wise Spend Breakup & Parental Controls that let you block/unblock in an instant.

Pencilton gives real time Daily Spend Alerts & Pencilton Piggy Bank helps make Savings a habit for your kids.

Comfortable & Fun for Children

Pencilton is the most comfortable way for kids to receive their pocket money in an instant & monitor their Expenses as well as Savings.

Our gamified learning lets kids earn points for achievements such as reaching Savings Targets, finishing Pencilton Tasks and more, reinforcing healthy financial behavior while being interactive & fun.


Spend Analysis

Parents can get a Spend Summary & Analysis, but the details of each individual transactions are available only to kids.

Parental Controls

Set Daily Spend Alerts to receive real-time notification if a daily limit is exceeded & Block/Unblock the spend anytime.

Pencilton Piggy Bank

Kids save money in their Pencilton account. They also set Saving Goals & receive Savings Challenges from parents.


Parents can post chores (Cleaning Room, Cutting Vegetables, etc) that teach kids responsibility and give them a chance to earn some extra pocket money.

Way Better than a Child Bank Account

Parents can post Activities (E.g. Finishing Homework) which the Kids finish to earn more. Kids can view a detailed transaction-wise analysis of their Expenses. Hassle-free registration in less than a minute.

Pencilton Piggy Bank, Pencilton Tasks & Badges cultivate healthy financial habits in kids and sets them on the path for Financial Independence.

Easy to Use App

Pencilton's App has a Parent Account as well as a Child Account. This provides the most tailored experience for both parents as well as children to meet their individual requirements.

The Pencilton App is available both on iOS & Android.

Secure & Reliable

Pencilton is tailored for kids and are ultra-secure. Certain categories which are not safe for kids are blocked. Cash withdrawal is not allowed either. You can block the spend at any instant & replace the PencilCard, in case your child loses it, without any loss of money. All the data & communications with the Pencilton servers are encrypted to ensure privacy. PencilCards are RuPay cards to ensure that your data stays within India.

More Features

Auto Allowance

Parents can setup monthly or weekly automatic payments easily for their kids.

Pencilton Tasks

Challenges related to Budgeting, Savings, Social Responsibility, etc. that teach children important life skills.

Instant Transfers

Transfer money to the kid's Pencilton account within seconds. Anytime, anywhere.

Pay Anywhere

Pay anywhere via PencilCard it works across India, online & offline.

About Us

Pencilton is an initiative of BITS Pilani, IIM & USC alumni. Since many years, we have been working on creating tools that will help parents teach valuable practical real life skills to their kids, especially related to financial literacy. The Pencilton is a culmination of years of research & hardwork. Pencilton is incubated and supported by T-Hub (a Government of Telangana initiative), Wharton School of Business, IIM Kozhikode, Department of Science & Technology. Pencilton has also won Conquest after being named one of the most innovative startups in India. We have also been featured in the news through The News Minute & Eenadu, where we received great support for our first-of-its kind offering for kids & teens.



  • Spend Summary & Piggy Bank
  • Savings Goals & Parent Tasks
  • Add friends & send money
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have partnered with RBL Bank, one of India's leading bank, and PencilCards are compliant with all RBI regulations & guidelines. So, the money with Pencilton is completely safe.

  • Anywhere across the whole country. It can be used everywhere a debit or a credit card can be used.

  • Any parent with a PAN Card and care enough about their kid's future. Or any Kid who wants to have their own debit card.

  • 1-3 days. We're fast.

  • Not at all. You don't even need a facebook account.

  • PencilCards offer features not available with any Kids's Bank Account. These are custom made for parents (spend analysis, category-wise spen breakup, chores, etc) & kids (gamified learning, pencilton tasks, Piggy Bank, Savings Goals, etc.). It teaches kids the importance of money management. Also, it can be ordered within a few minutes through a hassle-free process.

  • A PAN card (of anyone in the family who is above 18 years of age), a smartphone & a mobile number.

  • You can visit the Card section of your Pencilton App & block the card temporarily with the click of a button immediately. You can unblock it if you find the card or you can block the card and get a new replacement card, in which case the the balance from the lost card is transferred to the new card you receive.

  • It has universal acceptance across India and RuPay cards extend great offers directly to the card user. You can check the thousands of partners RuPay has at offers. Our cards are Powered by RBL Bank, India's fastest growing bank. It's one of the most innovative services that has been entirely built indegenously in India and is more secure because your data stays within India.

  • When you sign up, the maximum balance that can be maintained is Rs. 10,000 as the card is issued immediately by just taking a Minimum KYC (Enter PAN number & verify mobile number). The limit is increased to Rs. 1,00,000 once you finish the Full KYC which is simple process that Pencilton will guide your through.

  • No and No.

  • To generate hype for the second part.


The Pencilton app lets parents give pocket money to their kids, while having an overview of their expenditure & teaching them valuable real life practical money skills. Pencilton is an initiative of BITS Pilani, IIM & USC alumni.

80, Mirza Street,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500073


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